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SALSA Dance school


What our cients are saying:

I began lessons so I would not embarrass my son or myself as we danced at his May, 2011, wedding reception. Eleven months later, dance has become a passion and I am still taking lessons. At Let's Dance, professional instructors allow one to dance as much or as little as one wants. Private and group lessons, as well as Friday night practice parties, are available. Private lessons can be planned to accommodate the student's agenda as Let's Dance is flexible in scheduling. Now, I dance for the sense of fulfillment in competition, for therapy as a distraction from pain, for exercise as I value a healthy lifestyle, and for social interaction. If one wants to waltz, foxtrot, tango, cha-cha, rumba, or swing, I recommend Let's Dance as a fun place to learn.

Let's Dance Ballroom Dance Studio in Maryville, Tennessee is a WONDERFUL place to learn ballroom dance! If you want to learn how to waltz, rumba, foxtrot, tango, cha-cha, or swing (just to name a few), their instructors will make every minute enjoyable, fun, and exciting. If you want to learn dance for an upcoming wedding or special event or even have a "date night" with your spouse, get some exercise, or to learn something new, this is the place to go! My husband & I are empty nesters and rediscovering each other again. We also wanted to learn to "dance with a purpose" and feel confident on the dance floor at social events. Let's Dance Ballroom Dance Studio gives private & group lessons as well as a Friday Night party where you can practice and meet new people. The instructors are wonderful to work with, very professional and will help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend Let's Dance Ballroom Dance Studio as the best place in town to dance!

I am having so much fun taking private lessons and going to classes at this studio! Chris and Beth are great instructors and make learnign fun. This is a wonderful workout while learning a useful skill. I plan on going on a cruise soon and want to get in the action on the dance floor.

Why we're here

Our main goal is to share our passion for ballroom dance with you
and to help you not only have fun and socialize but, also to teach you the techniques nessecassry to help you be confident on the dance floor. We provide a professional atmosphere, all while striving to maintain an environment that is safe and welcoming.



“ I was so nervous about dancing at my wedding but after my private dance lessons , I felt like a pro...”
We were very impressed with what we learned in such a short amount of time!